So I play some Dungeons & Dragons. If you haven't any idea what that means, you probably won't get much sense out of the rest of this page (not even when there is a "rest of this page"). If you think D&D is synonymous with "Spawn of Satan", bugger off. If you don't know what "synonymous" means, have a look here.

Someday I may get around to writing up the story of my favorite character, Terric Cie (who was actually the DM's creation, not mine, but I got to play him for a bit). But that's kind of a long story, and I haven't the energy to write it up tonight.

Someday (sooner, probably, 'cause it's a shorter tale) I'll also get around to writing up my favorite character demise. It involved a wild mage, his necklace of missiles, and a failed saving throw. Lifted the top off a mountain, and killed half the adventuring party. Would've killed the other half, too, but we'd already broken the Prime Directive of Adventuring Parties ("Don't split the party!").

(Upon second thoughts, maybe that's already said enough about that tale...)

And, when I get around to getting that fancy digital camera, I'll have pictures of my favorite band of NPCs, the Electric Lute Orchestra (featuring Floyd, the pink-clad "Scarlet Luter"). Look for their hit single, "Fireball on High", coming to a campaign world near you!

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Let me know...